MediaMotion Ball

The MMB may be the best reason to go to NAB... but while you're there why not check out some other great the Colorist Mixer, Supermeet and other events to be announced. See below for details.



NAB information and other events

The MediaMotion Ball is not the only event at NAB. We add events as we find out about them. If you are looking for accommodation at NAB the best deals can be found through NAB Hotel reservations here. Rates increase the closer we get to NAB but we find that they generally have the best prices and selection of hotels.

Las Vegas Weather: Warm to hot days. Bring a jacket for the chilly & sometimes windy evenings. First time to NAB or want some hints to get the best from your stay - check out Michele Yamazaki's from Toolfarm (great supporter of the MMB) NAB Survival Guide - very useful info and links:

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Here's what went down during 2017....

SUNDAY NIGHT - April 23, 2017

The Colorist Mixer - it's back, it's bigger and at a new location. Starting from 7pm on Sunday night at the Stratosphere Tower, in the Airbar. Where else will you find colorists from around the world? Wonderful sponsors are also giving away great prizes (as usual). Just $15 gets you a ticket. Lot's of MMB people will be there, in fact the Colorist Mixer is like a sister event to the MMB. We guarantee you'll have a great time.

MONDAY NIGHT - April 24, 2017
MediaMotion Ball of course!

TUESDAY - April 25, 2017

It would not be NAB without the Supermeet - Tuesday night -
Celebrating their 16th year. Seriously - you need to go - it's an experience! Many, many people from the MMB will be there. Doors open from 4:30pm ands it's held at the Rio Hotel, Pavillion Ballroom. Tickets are on sale now.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT - April 26, 2017

Mokart returns for 2017. Now a staple during NAB, join other motion graphic artists and mingle with the who's who in the mograph industry

THURSDAY NIGHT - April 27, 2017

Beerhaus get together. The Brew Pub at Monte Carlo is closed so the Beerhaus just across the road in "The Park" between Monte Carlo & New York, New York is the new destination for the last of the NAB crowd. 3782 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas. People tend to gather from around 5-7pm. The venue has good 'specials' up until 6pm


There are always lots of sponsored parties and get togethers during NAB. Many are kept under wraps until the NAB week. Some are invite only. Keep an ear open for any inside knowledge while you are on the NAB show floor.